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Prairie SS_Final AIP 2016.pdf2016 Prairie SS Annual Implementation PlanPrairie SS_Final AIP 2016668 KB
I4S - NQR - Prairie State School.PDF2018I4S - NQR - Prairie State School118 KB
Prairie AIP 2017.pdfAnnual Implmentation Plan 2017 Prairie AIP 2017576 KB
Chaplain - Role Negotiation 2014.pdfChaplain - Role NegotiationChaplain - Role Negotiation 2014381 KB
Charter of expectations.pdfCharter of ExpectationsCharter of expectations268 KB
PrairieSS-ComplaintsManagementPolicy.pdfComplaints Management Policy 2017-2020PrairieSS-ComplaintsManagementPolicy348 KB
Dalrymple Snapshot - Assessment and Monitoring.pdfDalrymple Snapshot - Assessment and Monitering Schedule, Indicators and TargetsDalrymple Snapshot - Assessment and Monitoring457 KB
Discipline Audit Parents and Carers fact sheet.pdfDiscipline Audit Parents and Carers fact sheetDiscipline Audit Parents and Carers fact sheet199 KB
Prairie SS 2014 DA ES - Audit results.pdfDiscipline Audit Prairie SS - Executive SummaryPrairie SS 2014 DA ES - Audit results359 KB
Prairie SS 2014 DA 5 page profile.pdfDiscipline Audit Prairie SS 5 Page ProfilePrairie SS 2014 DA 5 page profile482 KB
Effort and Behaviour matrix.pdfEffort and Behaviour MatrixEffort and Behaviour matrix59 KB
enrolment-form.pdfEnrolment formenrolment-form4103 KB
executive-summary.pdfExecutive summaryexecutive-summary111 KB
Investing for Success - NQR - Prairie State School.pdfInvesting for Success - 2017Investing for Success - NQR - Prairie State School241 KB
parent-and-carers-factsheet.pdfParents and carers fact sheetparent-and-carers-factsheet266 KB
Prairie 2013- HANDBOOK.pdfPrairie SS HandbookPrairie 2013- HANDBOOK1361 KB
Prairie SS Learning and Wellbeing Framework.pdfPrairie SS Learning and Wellbeing FrameworkPrairie SS Learning and Wellbeing Framework377 KB
Prairie Organisational Flow Chart.pdfPrairie SS Organisational Flow ChartPrairie Organisational Flow Chart416 KB
Pedagogical Framework DOTL.pdfPrairie SS Pedagogical FrameworkPedagogical Framework DOTL467 KB
Role descriptions.pdfPrairie SS Staff Role DescriptionsRole descriptions224 KB
Yearly Planner.pdfPrairie SS Yearly School Task PlannerYearly Planner107 KB
PSS Parent and Community Engagement Framework.pdfPrairie State School Parent and Community Engagement FrameworkPSS Parent and Community Engagement Framework877 KB
Prairie State School Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students.pdfPrairie State School Responsible Behaviour Plan for StudentsPrairie State School Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students349 KB
school-dress-code.pdfSchool dress codeschool-dress-code88 KB
Staff Meetings.pdfStaff Meeting proformaStaff Meetings87 KB
teaching-and-learning-audit.pdfTeaching and learning auditteaching-and-learning-audit255 KB