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Prairie State School

Prairie State School provides a learning environment that is fun, safe, and reflective of contemporary ideologies of primary education and the uniqueness of the local context. Students and staff work hard to ensure that everybody, every day, is learning to the best of their ability. 
Our students, who are in Prep to Year 6, come from the surrounding properties and from within the town and include third generation students.  We believe our students should be active and productive in our community, and as such, in addition to all being Junior Landcare members and fundraising for various charities, students are also active in a number of community events.

The staff at Prairie State School understand that a close, positive working relationship with parents and the community is essential to the quality of education our school can provide. Prairie State School is part of a network of small schools called the Dalrymple Alliance.

Our school is also the heart of our local area - our school buildings and grounds are home to many community events and organizations. We have a wonderfully supportive community.


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